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My name is Woody Carter. I am Potawatomi and Creek, and I play the native flute. I have just released my first CD. The title is NMeshomes and it means My Grandfather in the Bode'wadmi (Potawatomi) language. I chose to name it that to honor my Grandfather, Woody Crumbo who was an amazingly talented artist, dancer, and flute player/maker besides being a great grandpa! He inspired me to learn this instrument and I play one of the flutes he made on the CD. On some tunes, I also play some other flutes, Celtic Whistles, guitar and mandolin.

WOODY CARTER: NMeshomes My Grandfather

The CD

The CD has eleven tunes on it. There are some old favorites like El Condor Pasa, and Amazing Grace, as well as some relaxing and meditative original tunes that I've even succeeded in putting myself to sleep with!

When will it be available?

The CD is now available for download at CD! Click on the link to the left to go directly to the download page. There you can listen to a sample of each track.

What does the song list look like? Here is the song list:

  1. Wayfaring Stranger -old Christian spiritual with flutes, drum, keyboard, bells.
  2. Gin Je (And you?) -original with flute, drum, shakers, bells.
  3. El Condor Pasa -traditional Andean song with soprano C, and soprano D Celtic whistles, guitar, mandolin, drum, siku, shakers.
  4. Glad Heart -original, up tempo with solo flute.
  5. Shore Winds -original and meditative, with low D flute, soprano D flute.
  6. Bmepto (He Runs) -original and somewhat jazzy, with Low D and soprano D Celtic whistles, guitar, drum, shakers.
  7. Gon Gishget (Snow Day) -original, up tempo with flute, drum, bells, and shakers.
  8. Migwech (Thank you) -original and meditative, with low D solo flute.
  9. Night Calls -original and meditative, with low D flute, soprano flute, shakers.
  10. Water's Edge -original and meditative, with solo low D flute
  11. Amazing Grace -old Christian hymn, with traditional Kiowa flute, drum, bells, shakers.

CD Cover

What's the CD cover look like?

Ahhh!! So glad you asked! Here it is:

The flute player you see in the background is from a work of my Grandpa's, and the flute you see on the blanket is one he made. That's the one I play on Amazing Grace. I love the sound of it!

For a look at all the instruments I play on the CD, click on The Instruments link below.

Well, That's all for now. I'll be updating the website bit by bit. Thanks for Stopping by!


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