The Instruments

Native Flutes

Here are some of the instruments I play on the CD:

The Native Flutes

Here we have the North American Native flutes that I play on the recording. As you can see, they vary among the 5 hole and 6 hole types. The Five hole flutes are made by High Spirits flutes. The top one, and the bottom soprano flute are both in the key of A, while the big one is in the key of D.
The lone 6 hole flute in the middle is made in the Kiowa tradition by my Grandfather, Woody Crumbo.


Celtic visitors from across the big water

On two of the tunes, I play these Whistles from the Celtic tradition. You can hear them on Bmepto (He Runs), and El Condor Pasa. I know, its an Andean tune, but at the time I didn't have a Quena, which is the Andean flute. I have several now though! The green one is a Clarke soprano in the key of C. The shiny silver one in the middle is a Chieftain Low D, and the brass one on the bottom is a Burke soprano in D.


From the Andean tradition

Here is an instrument many people recognize. Most refer to it as a Pan flute. It is more properly known as a Zamponya, in spanish or a Siku, in the native language of the Andean peoples. This instrument makes a brief cameo appearance in the introduction of El Condor Pasa.

Other Instruments

For the stringed instruments, I play a six string acoustic guitar by Takamine, and a mandolin by Washburn. There are also some percussion instruments such as shakers, bells (from my dance regalia), and a hand drum. You'll also hear some keyboard on Wayfaring Stranger.

Well, that about covers the instrumentation used on this CD! To go direct to the CD baby download page for my album, click on the link below! Migwech (Thank you) for looking!

The CD

WOODY CARTER: NMeshomes My Grandfather

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